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hey guys how was the spn ep tonight??? I had too much work to do but ill probably watch it tomorrow if I have time so I wanted to gauge reactions

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have u ever thought about calling stevebucky starbucks because i have

no I hadn’t but now I am omfg

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We made a mess (x )




We made a mess (x )


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youre so extraordinarily beautiful omg

I’m not extraordinarily anything I promise omg but ahh thank you, cutie ;u;

Anonymous asked you:You look GORGEOUS in the Nepalese outfit! :D
Ahh thank you so much!!

ugh so i have a 20 page paper due in the scarily near future and other finals shit to finish up/ study for so im putting myself on lockdown from the internet before i procrastinate beyond return

i’ll see you guys in a few days?? a week tops?? we’ll see


dean and cas getting drunk and acting like complete idiots together. 

cas telling bad jokes (“dean, dean, what did one ocean say to the other ocean?” - “no idea.” - “nothing, it just waved”) and dean falling off of the couch because he’s laughing so hard.

dean getting out his camera phone and taking ridiculous pictures of cas until cas makes dean be in the pictures too. they end up with dozens of finger-over-the-camera, bad-lighting blurs and only a couple of bad selfies, but dean saves them all to a special album anyway. 

dean and cas trying to make out but they keep bumping noses and foreheads and at one point cas even accidentally knees dean in the groin, so they end up just laying on top of each other and giggling instead. 

dean and cas spending the entire next day in bed, nursing hangovers and occasionally snuggling when neither of them feels like they need to throw up. sam rolls his eyes at them at least a hundred times that day, but dean only throws a pillow at him, tells him to turn off the light, and crawls back into the little cocoon of blankets and cas that is his bed. 

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"I like storms. They let me know that even the sky screams too."

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